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"Seeing The Unseen” Spring/Summer’24

Exploring the nature of consciousness is a multifaceted and profound pursuit that involves contemplating the mind and investigating the intricate relationship between consciousness and the physical world.


This exploration can be connected to various aspects of human experience, including meditation, nature, UFOs, and other phenomena that are not immediately visible but may have connections to our subconscious or the deeper realms of consciousness. Through meditation, individuals delve into the hidden aspects of consciousness, while nature often provides a sense of tranquility and interconnectedness that leads to heightened awareness, allowing us to 'see the unseen' in the subtle beauty and interconnectedness of the natural world.


In this collection, Woodensun aims to manifest the idea of "Seeing the unseen" through a more explorative range of products, encompassing materials, production methods, and graphic artwork, while maintaining Woodensun's signature aesthetic.

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