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Fall Winter 2023 | "The Doors of Perception"

“The Doors of Perception” is a book by Aldous Huxley that recounts his experiences with the psy- chedelic substance mescaline. The book explores the profound effects of altered perception on re- ality, art, and spirituality.
Huxley questions the limitations of ordinary perception and investigates themes of transcendence and the search for meaning in a conditioned world.

This book inspired the Woodensun AW23 Collection, questioning perception, the nature of freedom, spiritual views, the magic of fate, open-mindedness, and the awakening of social thinking to things that were once tucked away.

In this collection woodensun displays products that are still dominated by t-shirts, then there are shirts, trousers, jackets, and woodensun tries not to focus on men’s clothing alone, so there is a croptop tee. this collection still uses Mex-Tex for its clothing materials, with graphic nuances that are characteristic of woodensun, as well as some new touches to the articles.

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